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We have had a lot of fantastic feedback from customers since we we opened in June 2008. Here are some favourites:

"This lovely little cafe/restaurant is a great place for a coffee, snack or lunch" "They have a good basic menu but their specials really are special - they use local, seasonal ingredients to create wonderful real food. The home-made pies and quiches are to die for. The owners have young children themselves, and realise that it's the little things which make eating out with children easier, so they have colouring books and crayons, children's books, a child toilet seat and potty in the bathroom, and plenty of highchairs. They have a typical kids menu, but they will also happily create a child sized (and appropriately priced) version of anything on their normal menu or specials. They will also offer things that are not on the menu, for example, they were happy to rustle up a plain cheese sandwich for a fussy toddler who didn't appreciate the yummier options on offer! " mumsnet

"No frills or posing, just good food, good service and always friendly staff who look after all types of clientele with patient attention" Graham J, Faversham

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"I always go down this cafe, they are so polite there and have a great selection of food, all homemade and fresh! and they make the best meat pies ever!" "This is a hidden gem in Whitstable." Vicki

"Would recommend highly above any other in Whitstable for a varied and changing selection of locally sourced, home-cooked food for breakfast or lunch.... Yum!" Joe Barker, Whitstable

"It doesn’t promise any frills and there are none. But you will get a good meal. The Chef cooks up simple meals with locally sourced, fresh produce. Every now and again he’ll throw in an unexpected surprise. A couple of weeks back I was persuaded to try the special, Game Pie, which left me barely able to walk. The waitress was so enthusiastic about it I couldn’t refuse. She came over with the pie and told me that I was very lucky to have ordered it, and I was in for a treat.  That’s another thing I love about this place, the staff are genuinely helpful. They’re interested in what’s on the menu and proud of their food." For full review see http://rocksaltgourmet.blogspot.co.uk

"Best damn breakfast I've ever had, especially the sausages. Excellent service, very personal i.e. it now goes without saying that mushrooms shall be excluded from my plate! Joe